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Welcome i-Three Issue Corps Applicant!

News! Upload letters of support beginning Monday, December 28 at 1:00 pm ET.

The application round opens in Fluid Review on Tuesday, November 17.  If you do not yet have a Fluid Review Account, please register now at the top right of this page.

For background on the eXtension i-Three Issue Corps see below:

The NEW eXtension, a part of the Cooperative Extension System, in the first year of its re-imagining, is selecting 200 people to co-invent the future.  We’re calling this group our i-Three Issue Corps!


We want to work alongside effective individuals and teams making a measurable impact on issues related to climate and food systems. We intend to super-power their work by bringing expertise, tools, and other resources to their work in communities.


How do you or someone you know become a part of this movement to work differently in Cooperative Extension, joining us to experiment with new tools, model new behaviors all with the goal of working effectively to make a measurable impact?


First, we are looking for these characteristics:

  • Takes initiative

  • Is perceived as influential

  • Curious

  • Good storyteller and communicator

  • Intellectual curiosity

  • Creative

  • Flexible and adaptive to change

  • Ability to think outside of the traditional Extension box

  • Enjoys collaborating

  • Uses the latest information and communication technologies such as  a smartphone for their work


Does this sound like you or someone you know?  Our nomination process asks you to answer 9 quick questions and write one short answer to describe the talents, skills, interest, and passion for either climate or food systems work you or someone you know has.  


We want to work with you or your nominee “in the flow” of current work...this should NOT be an add-on...but an exciting and rewarding supplement to what you or your nominee is doing now.  It will offer new expertise, skills, and tools to enrich Extension programs, introduce nominees to 99 new colleagues from across the country working toward similar outcomes, and help to measure impact of local programs in an exciting new and different way.

Timeline & Time Commitment:

  • The Corps will work from January 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016.
  • From September 1 to December 1 we’ll need your help in storytelling and in recruiting the next i-Three Issue Corps.
  • Our goal is to work “in the flow” on a project/issue related to either Climate or Food Systems during that time.  Through January, February and March we’ll need between 12 and 24 hours total to develop a work plan together.  The strategy and plan you develop will dictate the time commitment but our intent is to make this a part of your work; not an add on.
  • Individual or team must attend the eXtension i-Three Event (March 22-25, 2016) to complete the design of your project. 

What’s in it for i-Three Issue Corps members?

  • Recognition as one of the top people in Cooperative Extension working in the areas of climate or food systems.

  • Opportunity to develop a project with measurable impact focused on YOUR needs

  • Exclusive access to learning events

  • Access to expertise and resources to help you do your work

  • Help assessing the impact of your work and program success.

  • Implementation of a pilot tool or process with the potential to increase your impact

  • Attendance at the March Extension i-Three Event, a “bootcamp”experience designed exclusively for Corps members focused on innovation, problem solving, ideation, and networking. Travel paid.


Who can be nominated?

  • Individual or team from eXtension Foundation member organization

  • Must have climate or food systems in plan of work

  • Individual or team with climate or food systems in their individual plans of work with measurable impacts defined

  • Individual or team with climate or food systems in their individual plans for a specific intervention to get measurable impact

  • Individual or team committed to attend Extension i-Three Event (March 22-25, 2016)


Nominations have closed. The application phase for successful nominees will open on Tuesday, November 17.

If you're a nominated team leader you have received instructions on the next steps for your team.  If you are a team member you will need to get a Fluid Review account and you'll need to sign up for that account at the top right of this page. This is not your eXtension ID account. If you have any questions please contact: Terry Meisenbach, or 760-641-9354.

Frequently Asked Questions about i-Three Corps Nominations and Applications